Miller Polyester Webbing Lanyard 2M


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  • Miller energy absorbing lanyards are available in various materials with features to suit different fall arrest applications
  • Single lanyards are generally used in various fall arrest situations and are designed to limit the force of a sustained fall to under 6kN
  • Double webbing lanyards enable access to different areas of a building or tower without being disconnected and are the perfect way to be connected to an anchorage point at all times
  • Lanyards feature an external energy absorber which allows for visual indication of a sustained fall
  • Standard lanyards are available with 19mm opening hooks at each end or with a choice of scaffold hooks to suit different attachment applications
  • For use in fall arrest situations where the free fall does not exceed 2 metres
  • When estimating free fall distances, the extension of the energy absorber must be taken into consideration
  • The maximum energy absorber deployment is 1.75 metres
  • Choose a webbing lanyard for standard fall arrest applications
  • The webbing lanyard is light-weight, easy to use and does not retain dirt or grime making it perfect for every day use
  • Webbing lanyards – 35mm polyester webbing with integral compact energy absorber
  • 19mm double acting hooks each end


  • AS/NZS 1891.1 – 2007

Applications: Any work at height application, EWP work, Scaffolding, Tower Work, Climbing, Construction, Maintenance, Work Positioning & restraint applications


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